100+ EVERYDAY Greetings Animated Emojis

Animated EVERYDAY Greetings is hilarious iMessage App for iOS which includes more than 100 stickers. Enjoy greeting your friends, family and some others in a magical way via iMessage chat communications.
So that you can use this sticker pack to greet your colleagues daily via iMessage chat conversation.
This sticker pack gives you enough greetings emojis & stickers that are commonly daily used for cheerful conversations with your friends, family and any peoples on a special day. Every moment Enjoy New iMessage Apps for love – romantic, funny and ideal chatting.

50+ Best Holiday Stickers for iMessage

50 Plus cute exotic HOLIDAY Stickers available in this app, you can use these stickers to make your chatting very fascinatingly and send to your friends and family.

This app offers a variety of Holiday Cool Emojis that allows you to insert these stickers in your chat messages.


With this app, you can show your feelings very excellently with your friends via chat conversations. Let’s enjoy with your family and friends every Holiday Seasons and send them joyful messages via iMessage chats flavoured with cute and funny emoji of the Best Holiday Expressions.

80+ Cute Unicorn Stickers for iMessage Chat

Feeling Unicorn has a vast variety of UNICORNS EMOJI Stickers Pack for iMessage chat.
The App offers 80+ adorable and cute animals emojis of unicorns.
Enjoy expressing your feelings with your family, friends and lover in a romantic and fun way by sending them cute emoji & expressions through chat communication via WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, etc.
It’s very easy to use to express yourself.

Cupcake Stickers New Emoji for iMessage

70 Plus attractive stickers of CUPCAKE. Let’s use these adorable emojis in your iMessage chat conversation to anyone anytime.
This is the best way to express your feelings to anyone via communication with a mouth-watering delicious cupcake stickers on Birthday Special Party.

Compose the message with a flavored of Cupcake Emoji & Expression and sent to your friends, family and relative on the special occasion through WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, etc.
With the Cupcake Stickers app, you can add cute Cake expression in your chatting box.

MOTIVATIONAL Love Quote Stickers iMessage

Use motivational & love quotes stickers to express your thoughts and feeling easily via iMessage.


If you would like to greet, admire & advice to anyone via messaging then you can take a help this app. Enjoy more than 50 stickers that are available with more adorable and unique designs.
Express your emotions through motivational quotes stickers to your friends, family & relative via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

Emoji 3D Stickers

Enjoy with your friends using the best iMessage iPhone App “Emoji 3D Stickers


Have you ever seen people sending iPhone emojis and smiley faces via text message? I have always wondered, “How did my friend send those cute smiley icons?” You can send cute emojis to your friends or beloved once easily.
Provides more than 60 stickers to share your thoughts with these cool and awesome 3-D emoji stickers.
– Open iMessage from your iPhone.
– Click on the Appstore icon for sending stickers.
– Select the Emoji 3D Stickers app .
– Just with a single tap send stickers.
– Also simply long touch and peel off the stickers to add them with your texts!!