Photo Art Filters

Make amazing photography with Art Filter Effects.


Take awesome selfies in the cool moment and make it the cartoon look by applying art filters and beautiful effects.
You can beautify your pictures with stunning cartoon effects, pencil sketch effects and pop art filters.
Photo Art Filters App helps to transform your pics into artwork.
Apply our Stunning filters and cartoon effects to your photos and have fun by sharing on social media.
Photo Art Filters is one of the best collections of stylish and funny photo effects!
Turn your gallery or camera to create photo art.
– Art filters inspired by famous artists!
– Fascinating and unique cartoon effects
– Sketches Photo Effects available also
– Sharing your art with your friends.
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Picture Editing Lab – Pics Art Studio

Picture Editing Lab – Pics Art is a one of the best photo editor App for iPhone/iPad users. It helps to make pretty photographs by modifying your pictures with awesome photo editing tools.


This App makes stunning photos with different stickers, emojis, filters, overlays, text and more.
Write text on your photos with different colour and different fonts. Decorate your pictures with the frames.
Give your every picture a border frame with different colour as you like. Make your special moments memorable with this multiple stylish overlays for any picture.
It allows you to adjust your photo’s brightness, darkness, exposure and contrast sliders.
Create your glorious photographs with cool features and share to your friends, family and others via social networks.

Awesome Features:- 
– Easy to use – 30+ overlay effects.
– Write text in multiple colors in different fonts.
– Easily adjust the opacity of text.
– A vast variety of fun stickers and emojis smile.
– Simple frames in different colors.
– Very easy to add stickers and text.
– Easily Rotate left/ rotate right, flip, crop, resize, horizontal, vertical left/ vertical right.
– Adjust Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Exposure.

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Pic Editor – Blur Collage Maker

Pic Editor – Blur Collage Maker is a one of the best photo editor App for iOS.


This App provides you many photo editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation adjustment and more.
30+ unique photo effects, you can also use them with collage templates and make unique and beautiful photo collage.
With this App, any iOS user can create awesome photographs themselves by editing photo with unique & creative frames and many picture decoration tools.

How to use:
* Open the app and choose any of functionality buttons then select images from the gallery.
* Do editing.
* Add different shapes of the sticker, write text in different colors, add different shapes of text bubbles!!
* To make a Photo Collage – select more than one pictures
App Features:
* Use different layouts and frames
* Change backgrounds using patterns!
* Rotate left/right, resize, flip, crop!
* Different kind of fun stickers and backgrounds!
* Easy to add text and stickers!
* A full-featured photo editor included with amazing art filters & photo effects.
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Memory Monitor – Disk, Storage & processor info

The Memory Monitor App used for monitoring and optimising your iPhone/iPad or iOS device. With this app, you can get all information of your device Parameters such as disk usage, processor, storage and general Monitoring.


It has the usual information for the device disk monitoring, total disk capacity, free disk capacity, used disk capacity, etc. And also gives the information free memory used, working memory, wired and inactive memory at a single place. So download and acknowledge of the device information.
* Get the used and space memory information
* Processor & Storage information
* General Monitoring information
* Processor Information
* Total Disk Capacity, Free Disk Capacity & Used Disk Capacity information.
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Gif Maker – Video to GIF Converter

GIF Maker – Video To GIF Converter App helps you to make animated gifs with video clips.


Convert your video into animated GIF and make your own stunning art memories.
Clip the funny moment & crop desired part from any video & convert easily into an animated gif photo in a single click only. It also helps you to apply beautiful effects to your gif for the attractive look.
– Select any video.
– Apply filter effects.
– Select delay time(time for each frame in the GIF).
– Select Frame Rate.
– Crop
Download and have fun to make fabulous GIFS.

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Pic Editor and eCards Maker

Pic Editor and eCard Maker is the best way to share your express feelings.


Edit Photo, create awesome eCards and impress you loved once.
Most sure-fire way to express your love to someone is to say “I love you”. However, instead of saying this, you could speak other meaningful things or make a genuine e-card by choosing any photo.
Some Awesome Features:
– choose a photo from gallery/camera.
– add effects with custom transparency.
– select quotation.
– apply beautiful frames.
– add a message for your beloved.
– save & share.

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Text On Photo – Camera Text, Add Text to Photos

Easily add text to photos in a stylish font, text colour, shadow, text format, text alignment, etc.


Text On Photo is a marvellous app to express your feelings in the form of words. Add amazing quotes on your photo and make your photo more expressive.
Text On Photo is complete text editor which has a lot of edit options such as text size, font styles, text colour, shadow, text format, text alignment etc.
Text On Photo is very simple vibrant UI and easy to use.
– Select your photo from gallery and add a caption to your photo.
– You can customise your caption accordingly.
– Add comic bubbles to your photo and make it as fun.
– You can create your own template in an easy way
– Save and share your creation with your friends.

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